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Invest in the Future of Delivery..

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DRONEDEK is currently raising funding.  Would you like to know more?

Key Benefits

🏆 BEAT AMAZON BY 9 DAYS! We own the first patent in the drone delivery smart mailbox space.

💰 The DRONEDEK market is 160 million addresses. We’ve raised over $2.9 million in the recent past!

🚀 We believe DRONEDEK will be the funnel to all delivery. The next great utility.

💯 The DRONEDEK platform will allow all shippers and deliverers access, giving the greatest user experience.

📝 The DRONEDEK intellectual property represents 111 filed claims with the US Patent Office.

🤯 DRONEDEK is a platform that people will use as part of their daily lives.

💰DRONEDEK is the new utility. We are forever changing the way delivery happens

🚀Not just a shipping/receiving box. So many conveniences that'll change the way your order and live

The Opportunity

Back in 2014, the idea of drone delivery was just being thought about. As Dan O'Toole, the founder of DRONEDEK, was returning home from an out of town meeting, his path took him down a rural 2-lane road. As he maneuvered his car down the endless paved road, he looked to his right to notice a drone flying beside him. As he watched the drone with fascination, he begin to wonder how a drone could carry a package to your door and how to safeguard said delivery.

First-Position Patented Solution 

Patent Issued! DRONEDEK's licensing agreement includes the original 2017 patents awarded to Dan O'Toole. As a result DRONEDEK's license is for smart, safe and secured drone delivery and includes the first utility patent for secured drone delivery. As it would turn out, O'Toole's patents and DRONEDEK licensing agreement had beaten Amazon by just nine days, the US Postal Service by some two weeks and others by just 22 days. Since, the DRONEDEK licensing agreement has expanded by O'Toole's second granted patent in October of 2019 with additional patents currently up for examination with the USPTO.


DRONEDEK has the capacity to both ship and receive your items. DRONEDEK is a platform-agnostic product that is able to ship and receive via robotic delivery, aerial drone delivery, unmanned-vehicle delivery and of course conventional delivery. DRONEDEK features a variety of tech features to make it the most advanced drone delivery receptacle on the market.